Rocks Are Actually Squishy

So, this is pretty insane, but bear with me. According to the WNN, or Woke News Network, and professional (yes, she has a degree and is getting payed and still thinks this) geologist Gina Worthing claim that rocks are actually soft and squishy, but, they tense up right before we touch them, so they appear to be hard to us. Gina Worthing (keep in mind, she’s getting paid to think about this) says the only way to catch a rock in its squishy state is by sneaking up on the rock, an inanimate object, and catching it by surprise. She also says she has manged to do this, and she posted this picture of a rock she has supposedly squished by catching it by surprise. I mean, I guess you can’t blame her for coming up with crazy stuff like this though. I can’t imagine there are a ton of ways to keep the world of geology interesting, and there probably aren’t a ton of new breakthroughs. So, of course SOMEONE is going to say rocks are squishy. But, in the end, there’s really no way to prove that this isn’t true…

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